Farmhouse Flooring Ideas

We are so excited to get started on making Circle Hill ours.  We were planning on starting to demo the current tile flooring this weekend, but we had a delay in closing due to some inspection reports we got late, boo!  This is the flooring that is currently in there –

The tile is in the whole house except for the four bedrooms where it’s the carpet shown above.  We’ve always had carpet in at least the bedrooms and our main living space, but, I’m trying to think long term here.  Also, being that we’ll have more dirt now due to the acreage, indoor dogs, and with the boys’ allergies, I think we’re going to go with no carpet anywhere and just rugs for warmth and comfort that we can easily replace when worn/stained.  What do you guys think?  Anyone lived with both and prefer carpet in bedrooms or all hard surface?

There are so many different types of hard surface flooring but we’ve decided to go with LVP (luxury vinyl planking).  This stuff is AMAZING!  It looks great, easy to take care of, easy to install, and best of all WATERPROOF!  We checked out our options at Home Depot,  Lowes, Lumber Liquidators, contractor’s samples, but BuildDirect took the cake.  We were able to order free samples — a few I paid for because they don’t come from their warehouse.  I had to call them about one of the samples I had not received and the customer service was great!  They have so many different LVP options.  These are the two we narrowed it down to –

We currently have a darker floor that is extremely similar to the darker one above and love it!  However, it shows every fluff ball from our lil’ Miss Macy, and again being that we’ll have more dirt around, we are leaning towards the light one.  I loved being able to have the samples in hand to put up against our current furniture, prospective furniture, and in the light of Circle Hill’s rooms.  Having these samples to keep, also let me put it through my own tests, because I’m weird like that and want to make sure I’m not wasting my money.  We scratched it with scissors, put water on it, food, left it on the ground so the dogs/kids can run all over it, and let it collect hair and dust to see which showed more…of course the lighter one won on that last part, duh!

So which do you vote for, light or dark, carpet or no carpet?

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