New State, New House, New School

Last Monday was the start of my first week of school.  My first day of school wasn’t exactly how I planned it.  My theatre class, which I thought would be the funnest, ended up being the worst class.  I got stuck in the period with all of the “bad kids”.  Most of the school is full of trouble makers which is pretty annoying.  Every second a teacher is yelling at a student.  I’m glad that most of my teachers are nice though.  Also, I really like the librarian.  She always seems really happy.  I have this one class at the end of the day where I sit in the office  and I help the staff by running little errands like delivering a note to a student.  I think I’m starting to learn how to get around the confusing hallways of the giant middle school.  I swear half of the school disappears and reappears when I’m not looking.  I made two friends and they’ve been really nice to me.  In all of my classes I have either one or the other with me.

The school is really different from what I’m used to.  In certain classes you sit at a circular/square table with about four other people, and in others, the seats are attached to the desk.  I’m still getting used to that, so I tried to pull out of the desk, but I ended up taking everything with me…desk and all…Ya Ya, I know. I’m sure you guys got a real kick out of that.  Anyway, back to what I was saying, they also have a different type of Social Studies which they call Texas History.  Yep, you guessed it, it’s all about Texas and how it’s people helped in different events.  Also their lunch is different.  The whole school is indoors, due to bad weather, so we eat in the cafeteria.  There are about 20 tables with 8 chairs on each.  Apparently they put only 8 chairs there for a reason, and you’re not allowed to add anymore.  I sorta learned that the hard way. So basically school is pretty weird for me here.

So as you guys know we found a house.  Its pretty and really big. It’s similar to our old house, so that’s why we liked it.  The house is pretty messy right now with boxes and piles of packing paper which me and the boys spent 4 hours smoothing and straightening.  We never noticed how much stuff we had until now.  I always figured I had a decent amount of clothes, but no, I had 5 giant wardrobe boxes full of clothes!  I know, I couldn’t believe it myself!  Back to the house, it’s still taking some time getting used to sleeping here.  It feels like we are sleeping over at someone else’s house.  My room is smaller than before, but I like how my room is connected to my brothers’ by the bathroom.  We also have this awesome media room with a projector!  I can see it now…the lights dimmed, a table with king sized candy bars in rows of each kind, next to a mini popcorn machine, and a couch made of a bunch of recliners.  I bet it’s gonna be really cool.  I like the house and can’t wait to be fully settled in.

Love <3,

Jessica : )

One thought on “New State, New House, New School

  1. Hi Jess! We went through Texas many times during our Air Force days and visited twice for a few days. Both times I witness the “weird weather”! I’m sure in no time at all you guys will be just like the locals there! Have fun discovering Texas. Remember their motto “Friendship”. It says it all. Take care and love to all. Aunt Lyna


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